Arboleda Villas Atalaya

Arboleda Villas Atalaya

Arboleda Villas Atalaya

18 Exceptional villa residences. Only one villa left

Arboleda Villas Atalaya An award-winning development team has created a beautiful cul-de-sac that cleverly contrasts state-of-the-art contemporary property designs with an ambient warmth of vegetation and lighting to provide elegant homes that are a joy to inhabit.

Arboleda interior designs have been composed by an American design consultancy to ensure that the very finest techniques and materials are applied, providing a contemporary and enjoyable environment. Each finish has been selected on its individual merit of quality, as well as its compatibility with the universal property design and its Southern Spanish surroundings.

Arboleda translates to mean “grove”. This natural name has been specifically chosen to represent the expansive green woodland that sits to the South – something that has inspired many of the architectural and developmental decisions throughout the creative process. Most especially with regards to the landscaping choices.

The boundary lines between the properties are hedges of white-flowered honeysuckle. The rear garden species have been arranged to provide plenty of colour, fragrance, and fruits. And flower arrangements will be located specifically in front of the bedrooms…
Flora and fauna species include: jacarandas, bougainvillea, lemon trees, orange trees, palms, cypress

3 Bedrooms – Baths